Dear Friend of The Truth Heals:


With the holidays drawing near, everyone is looking forward to spending time with family and friends; thinking about gift giving, big family meals and building snowmen with Mom and Dad.


Sadly, 129,000 kids in Nebraska in 2015 grew up in a single-parent household. These kids were deprived of enjoying such family events with both a Mom and a Dad. Kids who grow up without a father often times suffer from anxiety and a lack of self worth that cause long-term emotional harm.


We, at The Truth Heals, want to make a difference this coming year. Our mission offers hope and healing to women and youth affected by fatherlessness. We do this through workshops and mentoring designed to tear down destructive patterns and to build up self-esteem, positive life skills, and healthy relationships.


With your help, we can continue to fund programs and workshops such as the DD Project for young girls that helps to explore identity and self-worth, or the Fragile to Fierce project, which allows young boys a safe haven to discuss the effects of fatherlessness.


Many people look for somewhere to give back this holiday season. Whether you can donate time or money, you can help change a life. No donation is too small. A gift of $25 or $50 can help us better serve these kids and break the cycle of pain through our workshops and mentoring programs.


Please visit for donation options, and to read up on the good we are doing in the community. Help us so these kids can find freedom through their stories.


Thank you for this consideration! Happy Holidays!





Joshua Nasiatka


Joshua Nasiatka, Executive Director