Our Story

In 2013, Tulane Holderand and Tunette Powell, mother and daughter, formed The Truth Heals after appearing on Oprah’s Lifeclass for Daddyless Daughters. They were invited to the show after Tulane suggested Tunette write in. While in Chicago, they encountered so many daddyless daughters and sons. After the show, so many people throughout the country reached out for healing. Tulane and Tunette were overwhelmed by the startling number of people who needed help. And so to help them and the millions of other individuals and families affected by fatherlessness, the two decided to form an organization that would allow a country and a world to come together through hope and eventually healing.

The first branch of The Truth Heals was started in Omaha, Nebraska by Tunette and a small group of community organizers who also grew up fatherless. The work of this founding group will continue until we, as a world, have destroyed the cycle of fatherleness.

The mission of The Truth Heals is to offer hope and healing to women and youth affected by fatherlessness through workshops and mentorships designed to tear down destructive patterns and to build self-worth, positive life skills, and healthy relationships. We envision empowered families, involved parents and thriving youth who have broken dysfunctional generational cycles.